About Clinic

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Blossomwood Medical is a medical clinic that specializes in Internal Medicine. The founder of the practice is Dr. Vytautas Pukis, and it is his mission to prevent and treat illnesses affecting adults. At his practice, our focus is you!

As a specialist in internal medicine, he will be there for you every step of the way.

At Blossomwood Medical, we understand the impact good health can have on the quality of your life. That's why we focus on preventing and treating illness - to help you make the most of life's opportunities with the ones you love.

Dr. Vytautas Pukis


Dr. Pukis is originally from the country of LIthuania. He and his charming wife, Jenny, built Blossomwood Medical virtually from the ground up. Since then, they have kept the practice "blossoming" thanks to the loving support of their friends and family, including their daughter Berta. In his free time, Dr. Pukis enjoys long distance running and keeping up in today's health and fitness scene.


Mrs. Darlene Wood


Darlene grew up in the surrounding areas of Huntsville, and now resides in Madison. The Tennessee Valley area is a place close to her heart; it was here that she gave birth to and raised her two daughters and her son. She is now the proud grandmother of five grandchildren, and a grand rottweiler named Mia. She was involved in the field of phychiatrics for over 28 years and has been in the nursing field for 21 years. Mrs. Darlene's vast experience gives her a kind-hearted, gentle personality with every person she comes in contact with. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her wonderful grandchildren.