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Dr. Vytautas Pukis

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Doctor Vytautas Pukis

Doctor Vito Pukis is our physician and co-founder of Blossomwood Medical. He was born and raised in Lithuania, which is located in the geographical center of Europe and joined the European Union in 2004. Doctor Pukis is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is an associate member of The American College of Physicians as well as a member of the Medical Association of Alabama and Madison County Medical Society.

His medical training began at Kaunas University of Medicine followed by a one year internship at Kretinga City Hospital, and three years of Internal Medicine Residency at one of the top Cleveland Clinic Hospitals in the state of Ohio. He has done extensive research in the field of Histology, Immunology, Cardiology, Radiology and Surgery. Doctor Pukis moved to Huntsville, Alabama after his wife fell in love with this beautiful part of the country and its wonderful people. 


Personal statement from Dr. Pukis:


"Upon entering medical school, I was eager to explore the options that existed in medicine, but it was Internal Medicine that attracted me most. With its diversity and complexity of medical cases, with it combining many facets of medicine and stretching one's analytical problem solving skills to their limits, I felt Internal Medicine offered precisely the type of challenge I was seeking.

I truly enjoy spending my time working with people. It is the reason I am in the field of medicine in the first place. I believe a good physician should leave a patient more secure, more informed, more confident in the quality of their health care and whenever possible more comfortable with their current state of health. It is an amazing feeling to know that soon a patient will rest reassured; not by promises of perfection, but with the knowledge that he is with someone he trusts, someone who he knows truly cares.

I graduated at the top of my class from Kaunas University of Medicine in Lithuania, which became a proud member of Europe Union in 2004. My medical school training was followed by Internal Medicine residency training at one of the top Cleveland Clinic Hospitals in the state of Ohio.

Miracles seem to happen each day in the hospital, and sometimes I have the honor of seeing them. Without the advancements of medical knowledge through research however, many medical triumphs may not be realized that are right around the corner. I have had a very rewarding opportunity to do research in the field of Histology, Immunology, Cardiology, Radiology and Surgery, and I aim to apply what I have learned to the benefit of my patients.

I have gratitude for ordinary things and I enjoy life on a daily basis. This gratitude is reflected in my practice - I view each patient as a valuable lesson, both medically and personally. This constant learning experience is my main motivation.

In addition to my passion for medicine, I provide care for adults with acute and chronic conditions. I always try to focus on a patient as a whole, and promoting wellness is one of the key aspects of our practice and of Your general well-being. I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of most adult medical problems, such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, kidney trouble, diabetes, allergies and skin conditions.

I believe my sense of compassion, dedication, willingness to listen, as well as my strong medical knowledge are my greatest assets. What I can offer you is a physician who is highly motivated, responsible, and an enthusiastic person, who is committed to excellence, intelligence, hard work, and common sense. I believe undoubtedly that with my commitment to You and the field of medicine, we could certainly make a positive contribution to each other's life and Your health.

Thank you. "

- Vito Pukis, MD